Empowering Youth

The Empowering Youth program is jointly funded by NIAA, DSS and the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley.   

We run organised activities, hub nights, school holiday programs and ‘Back to Country’ healing trips.

Hub nights

These are run every Thursday night, and provide additional hours of activities from 9pm-12am on Friday and Saturday nights. This is to help those young people that are otherwise street present to have a place to go, a good feed and hopefully engage some proactive activities. There are a host of activities such as PS4 nights, table tennis competitions, toad busting, basketball, music and dance.  

Media Magic

Vicky Biorac from B Visual Media together with Waringarriour staff deliver media magic workshops twice a week, including developing short films and photography. The films are shown at special events and at White Gum Park skate park nights.

KEY Holiday program

We work alongside other service providers to provide a range of activities for kids for all the holidays.